The Hall of the Nordic Gods

Forseti: Norse god of justice, judgment, mediation, and reconciliation

Forseti: Norse god of justice, judgment, mediation, and reconcil...

What is forseti the god of? The Viking God of Justice and Reconciliation. In Norse Mythology and the Ásatrú religion, the Viking God Forseti is...

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THE NORNS: Norse Goddess of Destiny

THE NORNS: Norse Goddess of Destiny

The Goddesses of fate in Norse Mythology What are the Norns? How many Norns are there? The Norns are in Nordic mythology and the neo-pagan...

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Harimella goddess of the german warriors

Harimella goddess of the german warriors

The scottish goddess Harimella is a Norse Goddess of war. This goddess remains a mystery in her worship. It seems that the cult of this...

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