Aegir and Ran: God of the Sea and Oceans

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Aegir and Ran: God of the Sea and Oceans

Who is the Norse god of the ocean?


In Norse and Viking mythology and also in the Ásatrú religion, there are three deities who rule over the oceans and seas.

  • The first of these divinities is the God Njörd, the benevolent God of the sailors who had made oceans and seas his great kingdom, or rather his empire.
  • But in the depths of the oceans, close to Jörmungandr, reigns the divine couple of the God Aegir and the Goddess Rán, much less benevolent than the God Njörd.
  • The divine couple Aegir and Rán are feared by the Viking sailors

What is aegir the god of?


  • The God Aegir is the personification of the Ocean and its powerful and threatening force.

There is a God who is most often evil, according to sources. He is on the list of Giants, but he has not come into conflict with the Aes, with whom he has friendly relations. He is represented as a very old man with long white hair and hooked fingers. Sailors apprehended and worshipped Aegir; they made him golden offerings, because Aegir could take or destroy ships, their cargoes, and even their crews. The Germans, mainly the Saxons, sacrificed animals and probably prisoners at Aegir by drowning them. They believed that this would make the crossing of the sea safer. His long white beard can be seen as foam when the sea breaks on the rocks, but the foam also reminds us of beer foam, which is why he was also called "the brewer". The North Sea, which is often the victim of storms, had been nicknamed the "Aegir kettle".

Who is the goddess of the ocean? 


  • The Goddess Rán is the goddess of the ocean and storms

who is Ran ?

She is the wife of the God Aegir. Storms are created when Aegir or Ran are angry, and when a boat is shipwrecked, it is often said to arrive in Aegir's open mouth. Rán has a huge net that she uses to catch unlucky sailors, (walnut trees). She draws them to dangerous rocks and then takes them to her palace at the bottom of the sea. There is such a profusion of gold and precious metals that there is no need for light. She rules over all those who perished at sea. It was a security for them to take gold nuggets with them to please him, because otherwise they were lost. Rán is deceitful and greedy, hence his name, (the kidnapper). She treats her hosts, either as a king or a slave.

The divine couple of Aegir and Rán


They are the parents of nine very pretty women, who are the different waves of the oceans and seas.

  • Their names are (Bara, Blodughadda, Bylgja, Dufa, Hefring, Himinglaeva, Hrönn, Kolga, Udr)
  • they are the mothers of the God Heimdall

(Discover now who Heimdall is, the Guardian of the Bifrost).

The seabed family

This family lives in a large underwater palace near the island of Hlesey from where the couple directs the swirling waves through their daughters.

One day, God Thor asked God Aegir to brew beer, but Aesir refused under the false pretext of missing a large cauldron. Then Thor recovered Hymir's prodigious cauldron, the Frost Giant, which was so big that it would reach his ankles when he loaded it on his shoulders. Aegir raged at having to brew so much beer, he asked his wife Rán and their new daughters for help. But the feast was spoiled by Loki who was not invited, and also stabbed Fimafeng, the faithful servant of the god of the sea. The Aes, furious, drove him away, but Loki, unjustly banished according to him, quickly returned to the party, where Eldr advised him not to enter. But the God Odin, who wanted a funny Loki to be present, asked to leave him a place at their table.


But with the drink, the God Loki began to insult all the guests, which made Thor and the Aes angry at the good beer brewed by the divine couple of the oceans. Loki preferred to go back to the forest where a four-door cabin was built so that he could escape in any direction. A little later, after the celebration, Aegir left his island of Hlesey to visit the Ases, who prepared a lavish reception where illusion and knowledge mixed. In the great hall of Asgard were hung swords so bright that the torches were useless during the banquet. Food and beer served themselves. There, the God Aegir, who was next to the God Bragi, was instructed on the death of the Giant Thiazi and on the great perpetual struggle of the Aes against their enemies: the giants. The God living with his wife under the sea and attacking only human sailors, once again with his wife, the Goddess Rán, was well unaware of the conflict between the Gods and the giants in his underwater neutrality.

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