FREY: Norse God of Fertility and brother of freya

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FREY: Norse God of Fertility and brother of freya

What is Freyr the God of?

The God Frey is one of the main Gods of northern mythology.
It is associated with prosperity, and according to several sources it controls rain and the rays of the Sun, making it a god of fertility. Frey is a God of the Vanes family, he is the brother of the Goddess Freyja and the son of the Goddess Njörd and the Goddess Nerthus. So few myths about Freyr have survived, the importance of the god is attested by primary sources and his recurrence in the toponymy of the Nordic countries. Several specialists believe that with Odin and Thor, Freyr is part of a divine triad.

Famous God, Freyr is referenced in many areas of popular culture. He is notably a character under the Froh script in Richard Wagner's opera L'Or du Rhin.

What does Frey mean?

Freyr is the most glorious of the Vanes. It has power over the rain and the brightness of the sun and, by extension, over the fertility of the earth. It is good to invoke it for prosperity and peace. Freyr owns a magic boat called Skidbladnir which was made for him by Ivaldi's dwarf sons.


The boat is so large that it can hold all the Ases, however when not in use it can be folded to fit into a purse. Otherwise, as soon as the sail is hoisted, the boat gets a favourable wind.

The Freyr Wife

He meets his wife, the giant Gerd, one day when Freyr observes the worlds from Hlidskjálf, Odin's headquarters, he falls in love with them very quickly. At first, via his squire Skírnir, he offered him apples of youth from the Goddess Idunn, but Gerd refused. He then offered her the beautiful Draupnir ring, but she refused again. He therefore threatened to behead her with his sword, but she was not intimidated at all.


Skírnir then launches into an incantation where he threatens Gerd with the worst horrors, which eventually convince her, and she offers to meet Freyr in nine days in Barri. Later he formed a divine couple.

Freyr's last fight at the end of the world.

The Ragnarök, is quickly mentioned in the edic poem the Völuspá, where he fights against the flame giant: Surt. One of the oldest written sources of pre-Christian times on religious practices in Scandinavia is by Adam of Bremen. Adam claimed to have had access to first-hand accounts of pagan practices in the Germanic world. He thus made his description in the Temple of Uppsala.


He thus evokes three Gods in this Temple: Thor, Odin, and Frey.
According to him, Frey grants peace and pleasure to mortals. They present it with its appeal, a huge phallus. He also gives fertility, and fortune in response to the prayers of his followers. Where Thor gives protection and Odin victory. Later, in his columns, Adam states that when a marriage is celebrated, a libation was offered in Frey's image. This association with marriage, peace and pleasure clearly identifies Frey as a fertility god.


The cult of the God Frey is found mainly in Sweden, especially in the east of the country, but also in Norway and Germany. But strangely enough it is identified only three times in Iceland, and it is totally absent in Denmark. Frey also has a boar named Gullinbursti who can walk the land, walk on the water and fly through the air. If the god is ever lost in a night of darkness, there is always enough light where the boar is, because it shines in the night. It is an inorganic boar, because it is made of gold, by the dwarves Eitri and Brokk. This animal is therefore magical, and according to legend it gives as much meat as the god asks for for his meals without hurting his boar. Freyr's tank was pulled by Gullinbursti.

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