FRIGG : Viking Goddess and Odin's wife

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FRIGG : Viking Goddess and Odin's wife

Frigg Goddess

Frigg is an important goddess of Nordic Mythology. Its name comes from the word "frijo" which means "beloved". She is the queen of the Ases and the mother of the Gods Balder and Höder. In her home in Ásgard, named Fensalir, she spends her days spinning the clouds of marriage. Moreover, it is very often represented with a spinning wheel. She is the Goddess of marriage, motherhood, love, and she can predict the future. She is Queen of Asgard and Heaven by her marriage to the God Odin, but very simplistic, she prefers to settle in her own home, Fensalir, rather than in the sumptuous palace of Asgard.

The Powers of Odin's Wife


She is the only one allowed to sit on the Hlidskjálf throne after Odin.
Goddess of fertility, love, household management, marriage and motherhood, Frigg is famous for her prescience. She had a reputation for knowing the destiny of each individual, but never revealed it. Frigg is the Goddess of women and farmers. It is also associated with healing and is called to the dying, to facilitate their transition from life to death. Known to be a devoted mother and wife.

A Norse Goddess Addicted to Gold


The Viking goddess had a devouring passion for gold. One day she became jealous of a golden statue of her husband Odin, carved by her worshippers. She used her influence to convince them to destroy the statue and recover the gold to make it into jewelry.

Are Freya and Frigg the same?

The idea of a possible identification between the goddess Freya and Frigg is a subject of scientific debate. Some experts in the field claim that Frigg and Freya are two forms of the same goddess. Both are goddesses of love and fertility and are called for help during childbirth. While Freya is a high goddess of the Vanes, Frigg is her equivalent in the Ases. They love viking jewelry and travel with a falcon feather coat for Freya and turning into a falcon for Frigg.

The Nordic Goddess Frigg, Married to the Viking God Odin


The names of the spouses of these two goddesses are also interesting for this question. Odr (Freya's husband) means "ecstasy, inspiration, fury", like the name Odin (Frigg's husband). Frigg is also likened to the Sumerian goddess Inanna, although she had the same story, she was able to go to hell to recover her son. Most Viking gods were drawn with pets. This is not the case with Frigg, who was often represented with his servants.

Frigg and his Loyal Servants

The maidservants helped Frigg to carry out his duties and each had a well-defined role.

  • Gna transmitted the goddess' orders through the nine kingdoms on the back of her horse.
  • Grefjon had the gift of clairvoyance but never influenced the course of events.
  • Hlin was in charge of protecting all those Frigg considered worthy of keeping from danger.
  • Vra listened to oaths and punished perjury.
  • Snotra was in charge of announcing the good weather and bringing the breeze.
  • Sygna presided over the trials.
  • Lofn favored the union of lovers.
  • Fulla, the goddess' favourite, was in charge of carrying her mistress' jewelry box, filled with magical tools used in ceremonies.

Frigg and Odin, the couple of Nordic Gods


Sometimes Frigg and Odin did not always agree on the decisions to be made. One day, the spouses clashed over the fate of two warring tribes: the Winnilers and the Vandals. The former were supported by Frigg and the latter by Odin. Odin decreed that the first tribe he would see when he woke up the next morning would be victorious. With his bed facing the Vandals, he knew his tribe would win. Cleverly, Frigg turned her husband's bed around and ordered the Winnilers women to style their long hair around their faces like a beard. When Odin woke up, he wondered who the long beards were. They were known as Lombards. This shows that the Goddess has a real power of decision on the things of the univ

Odin, Thor and Frigg in Marvel Movies

Like her husband, she is in popular culture, especially comics and Marvel movies, she appears in the film Thor (2010), and Thor 2 (2013).

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