Heimdall, the Guardian of Asgard

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Heimdall, the Guardian of Asgard

Heimdall: Thor's half brother and guardian of the bifrost

Who is the god Heimdall?

Heimdall, which perhaps means "pole of the world", is a god of Norse mythology and Odinism/Ásatrú. He is the guardian of the Bifröst Bridge (the rainbow that separates Ásgard from the other worlds) and is responsible for blowing into Gjallarhorn if danger threatens Ásgard. During the Ragnarök, the God Heimdall is destined to fight the God Loki. He is also the God of light and the moon.


Is heimdall Odin's son?

Heimdall is son of the nine mothers called virgins. The name of God Heimdall would originally evoke the beneficial domestic fire "that thrives (dall) in his house (heim)". Another etymology mentioned would be "pillar of the world".


  • The God Heimdall is described as the son of nine different mothers

Perhaps the nine daughters of Aegir called the "Girls of the Waves".
The names of her nine mothers are, in alphabetical order:

Angeyja, Atla, Eistla, Eyrgjafa, Gjalp, Greip, Imd, Jarnsaxa and Ulfrun.
He is said to be a son, probably adopted, of the God Odin.


heimdall powers

The God Heimdall is probably originally a fire god and "a god of the column of the world, that is, the god of the center of the world and of the sacred order". In a way comparable to the Latin god Janus, he is a god of beginnings. It generates society with its three differentiated classes. He is the god of the primordial order. The natural opposition between Heimdall and Loki reveals their deep antagonism. It is not surprising that they fight over the necklace of the Brisingar of the Goddess Freya and that they clash during the Ragnarök.


Is heimdall more powerful than Odin?

Heimdall is the god of a golden age. In front of him, Loki embodies subversion in all its forms, destructive of this order, and causes the decadence that leads to cosmic catastrophe. This is why the destinies of the Heimdall Gods and Loki are closely linked and they are called to fight each other during the Ragnarök.

the heimdall god is like the thor, loki, or odd god, because of their greatness, their power is not quantifiable.

Heimdall is the guardian of Asgard.

His residence, Himinbjorg (or rather "the castle of heaven"), is located outside the walls of Asgard, near the Bifröst bridge, which connects the Asgard to Midgard. Able to hear the grass grow and a single leaf fall, as well as to see to the ends of the earth, Heimdall doesn't need to sleep either. His horse is named Gulltopp. Under the name of Ríg, Heimdall travelled three times in the Midgard, each time enjoying the hospitality of a couple from a different social class.


The children of the Heimdall god:

  • He thus gave birth to the first slave (Thrall),
  • To the first free man (Karl)
  • To the first nobleman (Jarl). 

towards the end of the world, when the Ragnarök begins and the giants approach the Bifröst bridge, it will sound its horn, called Gjallarhorn, whose call, heard in the nine worlds, will mark the beginning of the fighting.

Heimdall is destined to be the last to fight at the Ragnarök. He will face Loki.

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