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SIF: The Goddess of Wealth and Gold.

Nov 09, 2018 0 comments
SIF: The Goddess of Wealth and Gold.

SIF, The Goddess with golden Hair.

Sif is a very mysterious goddess in norse mythology and in our religion Ásatrú. She is an ancient goddess of fertility who later became goddess of wealth and gold as well as precious goods in the nine worlds. The Sif Goddess is the Goddess of wealth and gold because she is the Goddess with golden hair.

Who is SIF to Thor?

The Goddess Sif is an Asyne, wife of the powerful God Thor and mother of 4 children. The three children of the Goddess Sif and the God Thor are: Modi (courage) Thrud (vigour) and Magni (power). Before her marriage and the formation of her couple with the God Thor, the Goddess Sif had already given birth to a first divine child, the God Ullr with an unspecified father.


The name of the Goddess Sif is to be compared to sifjar "affinity related by marriage" a proof of her marriage with the powerful God Thor, son of the God Odin. The name of the Goddess Sif is also a synonym of jörð "earth" a proof of her former divine status as goddess of fertility. Swans these animals of great beauty are very close to the Goddess Sif, because this one would be a woman-goat.

How strong is Lady Sif?

In vikings mythology, swan women are Valkyrian women who are able to transform themselves into swans thanks to the magic of their magical menteaux. But yet the Sif Goddess is not a Valkyrie. One explanation would be that the magic menteaux of the Valkyries are inventions or mistakes of the time of German nationalist romanticism. However, mythology and the rare traces of the Sif Goddess show us that she is transformed into a swan. But a myth rediscovered precisely at the time of German nationalist romanticism speaks of three Valkyries falling in love with three humans who in this myth also transform themselves into swans with their magic lips. This history will undoubtedly remain a mystery, but it is also these mysteries that make up the richness of our religion and belief.


The Sif Goddess was present at the first feast between the Ases and the Vanes, a feast for the truce between the two divine families after the First Divine War. Everyone found this goddess of great beauty but especially her beautiful blond hair. Then Loki, the deceitful and clever God entered the goddess' room at night and cut her hair, the God Thor woke up and threatened worse torture for the God Loki if he did not find a way for his wife to find her beautiful hair.


Then the God Loki went to find the two dwarves Brokk and Eitri, the two dwarves give Loki another hair even more beautiful than the last one for the Sif Goddess. Loki replaced Sif's old hair with a hair made of gold, forged by the dwarves Brokk and Eitri. This hair had the power to grow like real hair, since that day, the Sif Goddess is known as: goddess with golden hair, both in the Gods and in the beings of the nine worlds.

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