Vikings Symbols : Their Meanings and Stories

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Vikings Symbols : Their Meanings and Stories

Norse and Viking symbols

Like many, you are passionate about Viking culture.... After discovering the cult series to their credit, you like to take the time to learn more about the history of a people with many myths... Within each culture, there are symbols, tattooed on men's bodies or transformed into a talisman. Viking culture is no exception to this, quite the contrary. And even if historians do not always agree that the Vikings tattooed their bodies with them, like so many traces of their lives and teachings, let us return together to the essential Viking symbols...

  • Valknut, a Nordic and Viking symbol


We start our overview of Viking symbols with the Valknut! Representing 3 intertwined triangles, associated with the God Odin, Valknut is a symbol of fallen knots, or even of warriors killed in combat. Each of the triangles then symbolizes a kingdom, all intertwined: earth, hell and heaven. Historians have found many Germanic tombs decorated with this symbol. The Vikings, who did not bury their dead, used this symbol to pay tribute to the brave and recognized Nordic warriors!
Throughout the cultures, it is also known as " Heart of Hrunger ".
To find out more about Valknut, consult our article dedicated to it
  • The horn of Odin, a sacred symbol!


If we look at the culture of the Vikings, we notice the predominant place of Odin, Father of all the Gods. The horn of Odin thus joins the most famous Viking symbols. Used in many rituals, according to ancestral accounts, it actually symbolizes the three projects of Odhroerir, and was particularly found on Scandinavian lands!
  • Thor's hammer, Mjolnir


Thor is one of the prized Gods in Viking culture, respected by men and warriors, he was then the symbol of strength and protection. Thus, among the Viking symbols is Thor's hammer, also known as Mjolnir. Most often worn as a talisman, it provides protection to the wearer, a symbol of choice at the heart of the northern heritage!
  • The Vegvisir, so that you never get lost on the way


It is at the heart of Icelandic tradition, and although it is not fully a symbol created by the Vikings, their culture has adopted it, passing through Icelandic lands.
With its intersecting lines and symbols, Vegsivir had a special meaning: we will never lose our way, in storms or bad weather, even if the path is not known...
  • Aegishjalmr/Aegishjalmur, The Helm of Awe


A Powerful Viking Symbol For Physical, Mental And Spiritual Protection

One of the most powerful Nordic symbols is still the Awe Balm today. Deeply rooted in the heart of the Viking tradition and culture, this eight-armed circle, reminiscent of the Vegsivir, symbolizes strength and invincibility. Protector of warriors, the Helm of Awe still retains a somewhat mysterious dimension today, through its many representations!
  • The Viking runes


Finally, to finish our presentation of Viking symbols, we cannot avoid the symbols present in Viking runes. A people with deeply rooted esoteric traditions, the Vikings did not hesitate to question the Gods and oracles to prepare for their future, to know the outcome of battles, to protect their families and peoples.
The rune games thus present many symbols, each of which has a particular meaning: joy, bravery, movement, communication, warrior, etc....

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