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Top Viking video games

Passionate about the world of video games, and Viking culture, you are looking for the best games for unforgettable games? We have selected for you, the best video game on the Vikings... It's up to you to test them, and to put yourself in the shoes of ever more emblematic characters!

Bad North

Bad North is a strategy game where you lead a group of islanders trying to repel the raids of the Viking hordes.

Berserker, the divine warrior

Here, you play as a Viking and discover the gods and northern mythology.


In the year 890, you play as a young Viking from the remote village of Borgar and experience adventures in a fantastic world populated by crazy Vikings.

Craft of God

You are immersed in the fantastic world of Slavic mythology and you will have to fight and fight to become a demi-god.

Vikings - Wolves of Midgard

In this RPG, the player must explore the Midgard coasts, alone or in pairs, you will have to fight against the terrifying Jotans, hordes of monsters or the beasts of the Ragnarok.


Walkerman, puts you in the shoes of young Jorgen, a novice in Walkerman's profession, where your task is to hunt down and eliminate the monstrous creatures that haunt the streets of Midgard.

Yuimen's universe

Role-playing game set in the medieval era being played on a forum, you evolve within a fully original world with whimsical rules.


Myth, same role-playing game, MMO, strategy and action in real time. This game is based on PvP clashes, mission execution and resource gathering.

The Banner Saga

The player is at the heart of a Viking caravan, between role-playing and strategy within a highly scripted context.

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