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The Best Viking TV SHOW

Want to discover a little more about Viking culture? To escape by devouring episodes of a series devoted, with Brio, to the Vikings and their cultures? Discover without further delay the selection of the best Viking series to watch urgently....

Vikings, by Michael Hirstserie-vikings

Vikings is like Game of Thrones, an epic story about the adventures of Viking warriors at the dawn of the 9th century. A global success, Viking has succeeded in captivating an audience with its epic adventures, ambiences, and characters. The series recounts the exploits and adventures of Ragnar Lothbrok, one of the most popular Vikings of all time with an almost legendary destiny.

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Norsemen, by Jon Iver Helgaker and Jonas Torgersen


This is a comedy series whose humour is similar to that of Monty Python or Kaamelot. Norsemen tells the story of Rufus, a powerful and charismatic Roman captured by the Vikings and taken to present-day Norway to become a slave.

The Last Kingdom, by Bernard Cornwell 


This excellent series is very close to Vikings, it tells the story of Uthred son of a lord of Bebbanburg, captured and raised by the Vikings after his father's murder. Much later he found himself in spite of himself having to choose between his people or those who raised him as one of their own.

Real Vikings, by Neil Oliver

Real Vikings is a documentary series in several episodes relating the evolution of the Vikings from prehistoric times to the Canute Empire.

For fans of Viking culture, there are also a few series inspiring about the Vikings, BONUS (Sometimes Off-Topic): 


"A long time ago, in a forgotten time, a force destroyed the balance of the seasons. In a country where summer can last several years and winter a lifetime, sinister and supernatural forces are pressing at the gates of the Kingdom of the Seven Crown. "



A perfect series for Pirate Fans, discover the adventures of Captain Flint and his crew during the golden age of piracy.



A High Quality Series on the Templars.


Blood, arenas, gladiators, that's a series like we love them!

  • Outlander

The story of a war nurse, transported 200 years back where she will meet her husband's ancestor, which will leave her divided between two worlds and two men that everything opposes...

  • Poldark 

Ross Poldark has just returned from the American War of Independence, he plans to find his beloved again, but he soon realizes that there is only one world left in ruins, his father and death, the family business has closed and the woman he loves has found him so engaged to his cousin.


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