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Viking Jewelry: Norse Gods Collection

Selection of Viking Jewelry in honor of Norse Gods

Proudly wear your Odin necklace or Freya pendant, you are looking for the Necklace of the god Loki? or the Mjolnir Necklace, Thor's hammer? you are in the right place ! Viking jewelry for men and women and at discount prices!

$35.00 $24.99

Thor's Hammer Bracelet

$32.75 $28.75

Viking T-Shirt - FREYR


Loki Keychain

$24.99 $19.99

Odin's Mask Nordic Necklace

$27.95 Sold Out

Thor Ring

$44.95 $29.99

Thor's Hammer Bracelet

$69.00 $39.99

Thor Hammer Replica

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