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A Viking Mjolnir bracelet, the pagan reproduction of the thor hammer in all its magnificence.

A Runes with a specific Meaning accompanies this bracelet and will make it a unique Viking jewel

Choose the Runes that defines the person who will wear it:

  1. Berkanan, “birch.” Phoneme: B. Meaning: fertility, growth, sustenance.
  2. Kaunan, “ulcer.” Phoneme: K. Meaning: mortality, pain.
  3. Tiwaz, “the god Tiwaz.” Phoneme: T. Meaning: victory, honor.
  4. Hagalaz, “hail.” Phoneme: H. Meaning: destruction, chaos.
  5. Mannaz, “man.” Phoneme: M. Meaning: augmentation, support.
  6. Ehwaz, “horse.” Phoneme: E (long and/or short). Meaning: trust, faith, companionship.
  7. Wunjo, “joy.” Phoneme: W. Meaning: joy, ecstasy.
  8. Thurisaz, “Giant.” Phoneme: Th (both soft and hard). Meaning: danger, suffering.
  9. Raidho, “journey on horseback.” Phoneme: R. Meaning: movement, work, growth.
  10. Dagaz: (D: Day or dawn.) Breakthrough, awakening, awareness.
  11. Jera: (J or Y: A year, a good harvest.) The results of earlier efforts are realized. 
  12. Name: Othalan, “inheritance.” Phoneme: O. Meaning: inheritance, heritage, tradition, nobility.
  13. Algiz: Phoneme: Z. Meaning: protection from enemies, defense of that which one loves.



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