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Viking Ring - Berserker/Ulfhednar

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 The Ring "The Berserker Fist"

A High Quality Viking Ring representing a Ulfhednar (Berserker) with a bearskin. The berserker (in Old Norse Berserkr, plural Berserkir) refers to a fallow warrior who enters a sacred fury (in Old Norse Berserksgangr, "walk, look of the fallow warrior") making him superpowerful and capable of the most incredible feats.


It is said that the Berserkers wore bearskins in wartime to frighten their enemies. They looked like powerful wild animals. The bears symbolize the warrior spirit and the courage to fight. The energy of the Bear Totem can be used to help warriors in battle.


  • Type of metals: Stainless steel
  • Surface width: 26mm

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