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Viking Leather Bracelet - Berserker~Ulfhednar

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Viking Leather Bracelet Berserker/Ulfhednar

A symbol related to Nordic mythology

this viking cuff is suitable for all people who are fans of vikings or nordic mythology

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The Berserkers were described as members of a gang of undisciplined warriors who worshipped Odin, the supreme Nordic deity, and were charged by bodyguards and shock troops of the royal and noble courts, who frightened all those who met them. Adding to their ferocity, and in order to intimidate the enemy, they wore bear and wolf skins when they fought, which is why they are called Berserker, which means "bear coat" in Old Norse.

The Fury of a Berserker is so violent that it made them gnashed, clattered their teeth, pulled out the veins and all the stigmas that inspired madness and rage, it literally became, in Deadly Madness, their uncontrollable rage was appreciated by the Vikings, it inspired their allies in the battlefield and spat terror at the enemy, it maimed and killed indiscriminately, who conquered in their path.


  • Metals Type: Zinc Alloy
  • Material: Leather
  • Length: 19.5-21.5cm


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