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Viking Ring - Odin's Eye

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The Viking Ring

Odin is the main god of Nordic mythology.

Odin's place of residence is Valaskjálf's palace, located in Ásgard, where his throne, called Hlidskjalf, is also located, from where he can observe the nine worlds of northern cosmology.


He is the god of the dead, of victory and of knowledge.
He has several fabulous items, his Gungniret spear, his Draupnir ring, and rides his eight-legged horse called Sleipnir.


Son of Boret of the giant Bestla, his brothers are Vili and Vé. His wife is Frigg; he has many children, including the gods Baldr, Höd and Hermöd.

The "Odin's eye" ring in zinc alloy is stylish and unique.


You will be pleasantly surprised by its comfort and lightness.

It symbolizes strength and victory.
  • Metals Type: silver
  • Stainless Steel

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