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The Trelleborg Viking Ring

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 The Viking Ring in Honor of the Trelleborg Viking Fortress

This Nordic jewel is made of high quality Stainlesss steel & Wood polished and sharpened like a kattegat arrow.

  • You will be positively impressed by its comfort and lightness.
  • It symbolizes defense and protection.
  • Stainless Steel
  • Surface Width: 6mm,7mm
One of the places where the Viking Age can be experienced close at hand is the Viking fortress of Trelleborg, near Slagelse in West Zealand. The impressive remains of one of the Vikings’ great ring fortresses were originally constructed around AD 980 by King Harald Bluetooth and are located in the beautiful area of Tude ådal. The museum at Trelleborg includes models, archaeological finds and reconstructions that give a vivid impression of Trelleborg’s history, its inhabitants and the function of the fortress. Discover the Museum by following this link

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