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Valknut Earrings

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Viking Earrings Valknut

Valknut - The nordic symbol of three triangles.

It is an Odinic symbol evoking death (in the sense of the liberation of the soul) and the roots of Yggdrasil (in the sense of the interconnection of the nine worlds of Nordic mythology).
The Valknut is probably the most famous symbol of the German-Nordic religion, along with the hammer of the god Thor.

The Perfect Viking Jewelry.

If you want to know more about the origin of Valknut

consult our special article to understand the symbolism of this strange intertwined Triangle - LEARN MORE

3 reasons to order The Viking Earrings - Valknut :

  • Cabochon Unique 
  • Titanium
  • 100% Viking
  • Size: 12mm
  • Color: Silver

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